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1:1 Training

One on one or small group training is a wonderful option for anyone looking for guidance within the gym, an experienced eye and customized training for your goals!

Specializing in corrective exercise, fat loss, muscle gain and sports performance - we will create a plan to achieve your goals and support you all the way!​


Nutrition is like a thumbprint. It is unique to every individual. Each one of us are bio-individual, therefore our nutritional needs will vary.​


At Fullsterkur Training, we promote eating a nutrient dense diet made up of whole foods as often as possible. Let's work together to create a customized nutrition and supplement plan that fits your lifestyle and achieves your goals!

Online Programming

Online programming is an affordable approach to receiving customized training programs from a coach with accreditation from NPTI & NASM and 15 years experience. All programs begin with an initial assessment, where we will review your goals, discuss your experience and create a plan.​ We will adjust your program weekly, and with your hard work, continue progressing toward your goals! Fullsterkur Training is able to accommodate your lifestyle.

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