One on one or small group training is a wonderful option for anyone looking for guidance within the gym, an experienced eye and customized training for your goals!

Specializing in corrective exercise, fat loss, muscle gain and sports performance - we will create a plan to achieve your goals and support you all the way!​​


  • 1 hour training sessions incorporating a variety of modalities​

  • training for optimal performance in strength and endurance sports ​

  • training for everyday life and function - maintain strength and mobility ​

  • training for mobility - often times, our lack of range of motion limits our strength. Don't allow muscle imbalances/tightness and movement dysfunction to limit your progress! Allow us to train you in proper movement prep and muscle activation protocols to allow for optimal performance and injury prevention


$60.00 (1 hour sessions, one session bought at a time)

$45.00 flat rate when bundled with programming and/or nutrition

Small Group:

2-3 people $30.00 per person

4+ people $25.00 per person​


2-10 sessions = $50/hr

11-20 sessions = $45/hr

21+ sessions = $40/hr

Payment plans are available for 10 sessions or more.