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Nutrition is like a thumbprint. It is unique to every individual. Each one of us are bio-individual, therefore our nutritional needs will vary.

Consistency with a whole food, nutrient-dense, diet, proper supplementation and balance is the key to success - which is why all of our Nutrition Coaching options are a minimum of 3 month commitments.


At Fullsterkur Training, we promote eating a nutrient dense diet made up of whole foods as often as possible. Let's work together to create a customized nutrition and supplement plan that fits your lifestyle and achieves your goals! 


  • weekly check-ins including progress pictures, energy and mood levels, as well as periodic measurement and weight checks - allowing us to adjust your program as needed to ensure continued progress

  • ​​online software access to view your nutrition plan, track your progress, post progress pictures and take notes

  • ​​customized supplementation guide based on your goals and lifestyle  as well as a suggested brands list

  • ​​macronutrient guidance, including coaching on nutrient timing

  • ​​suggested foods list ​

  • ​​nutritional coaching - honing your mind-body connection by teaching you how to listen to and know your body. Encouraging you to be your own best advocate for your health

  • ​​Food allergy testing option to begin your plan! 


 3 Month Commitment: $200.00 per month

​$100.00 per month when bundled with programming and/or training sessions

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