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Online programming is an affordable approach to receiving customized training programs from a coach with accreditation from NPTI & NASM and 15 years experience. All programs begin with an initial assessment, where we will review your goals, discuss your experience and create a plan.

We will adjust your program weekly and with your hard work continue progressing toward your goals! Fullsterkur Training is able to accommodate your lifestyle


  • in-home (body weight/minimal equipment) options

  • ​​competition prep and coaching

  • ​​technique coaching, ensuring proper movement patterns to optimize performance and gain strength

  • online software access to view your program, view instructional videos, track your progress, view technique feedback, take notes and communicate with us! 

  • ​​weekly check-ins


*3 Month Commitment: $180 per month 

*$150 per month when combined with personal training and nutrition. 

*Month-to-month = $280 (no contract)

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