One on one or small group training is a wonderful option for anyone looking for guidance within the gym, an experienced eye and customized training for your goals!

Specializing in corrective exercise, fat loss, muscle gain and sports performance - we will create a plan to achieve your goals and support you all the way!

  • 1 hour training sessions incorporating a variety of modalities

  • training for optimal performance in strength and endurance sports 

  • training for everyday life and function - maintain strength and mobility 

  • training for mobility - often times, our lack of range of motion limits our strength. Don't allow muscle imbalances/tightness and movement dysfunction to limit your progress! Allow us to train you in proper movement prep and muscle activation protocols to allow for optimal performance and injury prevention



$60.00 (1 hour sessions, one session bought at a time)

**$40.00 flat rate when bundled w/ programming AND/OR nutrition**

Small Group:

2-3 people $30.00 per person

4+ people $25.00 per person

*2-10 sessions = $50/hr
11-20 sessions = $45/hr
21+ sessions = $40/hr
*Payment plans available for 10 sessions or more


​Nutrition is like a thumbprint. It is unique to every individual. Each one of us are bio-individual, therefore our nutritional needs will vary.

Consistency with a whole food, nutrient-dense, diet, proper supplementation and balance is the key to success - which is why all of our Nutrition Coaching options are a minimum of 3 month commitments.


At Fullsterkur Training, we promote eating a nutrient dense diet made up of whole foods as often as possible. Let's work together to create a customized nutrition and supplement plan that fits your lifestyle and achieves your goals! We offer:

  • weekly check-ins including progress pictures, energy and mood levels, as well as periodic measurement and weight checks - allowing us to adjust your program as needed to ensure continued progress

  • online software access to view your nutrition plan, track your progress, post progress pictures and take notes

  • customized supplementation guide based on your goals and lifestyle  as well as a suggested brands list

  • macronutrient guidance, including coaching on nutrient timing

  • suggested foods list

  • nutritional coaching - honing your mind-body connection by teaching you how to listen to and know your body. Encouraging you to be your own best advocate for your health

  • weekly check-ins

  • access to informational videos


 3 Month Commitment:

$200.00 per month

** $100.00 per month when bundled with programming and/or training sessions**



Online programming is an affordable approach to receiving customized training programs from a coach with accreditation from NPTI & NASM and 15 years experience. All programs begin with an initial assessment, where we will review your goals, discuss your experience and create a plan.

We will adjust your program weekly, and with your hard work, continue progressing toward your goals! Fullsterkur Training is able to accommodate your lifestyle, we offer :

  • in-home (body weight/minimal equipment) options

  • competition prep and coaching

  • technique coaching, ensuring proper movement patterns to optimize performance and gain strength

  • online software access to view your program, view instructional videos, track your progress, view technique feedback, take notes and communicate with us! 

  • weekly check-ins


 1.) Month-to-month = $225

2.) Three(3)-five(5) month commitment = $150/month

3.) Six(6)-eleven (11) month commitment = $130/month

4.) Twelve (12)+ month commitment = $110/month